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We are pleased with the furniture itself, however, this store has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. When we purchased a sectional couch and ottoman, we were told they did not have the ottoman in stock and therefore it would be 2-6 weeks before the furniture was delivered.

When week 6 arrived, we still had not been contacted by the store, and so I called and was told that the ottoman was not in stock and we would have to wait 2-6 weeks- leading me to believe the ottoman was never ordered to begin with!!! They agreed to deliver the sectional while we continued to wait for the sectional. Several more weeks passed by and again we did not hear from the store, and again I called them. They said the ottoman was now available (so why didn't they call me?) and scheduled a delivery time.

We were given a 4 hour window of time that the ottoman would be delivered. With only 15 minutes left in the window- having already waited for 3 hours and 45 minutes, we received a call saying they needed to reschedule! It took 2.5 months to receive the furniture we purchased- well beyond the 2-6 weeks we were told. After multiple phone calls we were told that we would be refunded the delivery costs of $77, but that we would need to speak to a store associate to get the money refunded.

After two attempts to transfer my phonecall to a store associate, both times not getting an answer, the general manager told me that she would have a store associate return my call to take care of the refund. One week later, I still not have heard back and am going to drive to the store to get our refund.

It is absurd that every step of the way we have had to contact Marlo and not ONCE have they reached out to us to let us know what is going on. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

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Alexandria, Virginia, United States #618442

This guy named DIVINE is a store representative in the Alexandria, VA (Edsall Road) Marlo's store. We expressed to him that we did not want to wait for a long delivery time and that, for that reason, we were only interested in buying a bedroom set that was in stock.

Divine showed us sets that he promised were in stock and we ordered a bedroom set. He promised to call me back by 1/19/13 with an update. Since I didn’t hear from anyone as of 1/19 I called Marlo and another representative told me that only the mattress and 1 piece would be available and the rest of the furniture was not in stock and would arrive at the warehouse on 1/31/13. They delivered what they had.

The person said they would call me on 1/31 to schedule the delivery of the rest. Since I got no phone call on 1/31 I called Marlo again, and was told that there was some delay and that the expected arrival would actually be 2/28/13. That was pretty exasperating since all we wanted in the first place was furniture that was already in stock so that we wouldn’t have to wait so long.

Since, as expected due to their awful customer service, I received NO PHONE CALL as of 3/2/13, I called and spoke with a representative who said that the nightstand and most of the bed had arrived, but the bed frames would not arrive until March 15th! When I asked to be transferred to Divine to express my concern, he said that he would check on it and see if it could come sooner.

He promised to call me back in 20 minutes. Fifty minutes later, since I got no call back from him, I called back and asked to be transferred to him at which point he said that he was very busy, had not forgotten about me and then hung up on me. When I called back, the original representative promised to call me when the frames arrive on 3/15/13.

Apart from those outrageous delays, the main problem I have with Marlo and the reason for which I will NEVER shop there again is their lack of customer service.

Divine was very good at getting the sale but I get the impression that all that matters to that store and to him is getting someone to order stuff. Once it’s ordered, they could not care less about the customer!!

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