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I purchased a bedroom set four months ago from Marlo. The set was not in the warehouse and I was told it would be in the first week of Jan. Four months later there still is no furniture and every time I call I am told that it is expected within a week, no matter when I call always a week, but yet it never comes. As it turns out they have had over a thousand dollars of my money for over four months and have not delivered anything.

To make things worse customer service is abhorrent, you simply cannot talk to a manager and this is after they insult me again and again by giving me more expected dates for their furniture. Beware this store will sell you furniture it does not have and cannot get. They will lie to you to get your money can continually lie as you wait.

I sincerely hope this sham of a company goes out of business. They simply do not conduct honest transactions, and they should not be allowed to continue like this.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I placed an order for dinning table on May 11,they delivered the table on July 27th with missing/damaged pieces after so many calls to customer service who are not ready to answer anything.

They promised us new table within a week ,on the delivery date they changed the story that warehouse has damaged piece as well. We need to order the new one. I am so done with them.This *** is stressing me out, why cannot someone confirnt their bussiness and close it down.

Lillehammer, Oppland, Norway #23517

I just got off the phone with my great account representative, Mike Razi, of the Alexandria office and I swear this is exactly what he said to me. It might be word for word.

I placed an order June 15 and was told my dresser and side table would be ready for delivery in 2 weeks. I called him back 2 weeks later and he said my purchase would not be available for another month. All I kept hearing from him was that "it is not my fault or responsibility. This is the date we have in our system and it is in the hands of the purchasing dept." To *** me off even more, he offered me a whopping $50 gift certificate to MARLO FURNITURE!! Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I decided I would wait one more week (after Mike promised me it would be ready by then). After speaking with him today, he informed me that my purchase would now be delayed until September.

At this point, I felt so insulted I cancelled my order. Long story short, they have held over $1,000 of my money for 2 months and all I have received is grief and a headache.


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