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Marlo Furniture is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Stay away.

Their computer bombarded us with long, automated phone calls, and we made several futile calls to the "customer service" line to try and figure out a delivery option that would work best for (imagine!) us, but they scheduled a day and a time that pretty much screwed us time wise.

Half our furniture shows up. Great. We find a broken drawer. Then two. "Please call 'customer service'." Yup. Ok, here's where the real runaround starts. "We don't do that. That's our contractor, they'll call you in 48 hours to set up a time." And on, and on, and on.

Thanks for your $2,000! Now get ready to enjoy spending hours on hold with some of the rudest, most unhelpful company phone reps that exist today. One even made fun of my question! Holy S#@t! Never in my life!

My advice - don't even go near Marlo Furniture. If you are in the unfortunate situation of having already purchased something and are getting the old Marlo delivery runaround - do your self a huge favor and CANCEL YOUR ORDER OUTRIGHT.

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Great customer DISservice.Sales personnel will promise to follow up on your order..blah blah..only to forget about it as soon as your payment goes through.

Automated lines which drive you nuts, in the end you will find your sales person wrote down wrong SKU #'s and you now stand there staring at furniture you never ordered.HAVE A NICE DAY!


exactly,the delivery is poor, the quality is poor. no customer service

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