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It is now Thanksgiving. I bought a new home at the beginning of September. I decided to buy a living set and a dining room set from Marlo, after having shopped around. At the point of sale on September 20, I looked at a number of sets and actually declined to purchase a few items, because they were not in stock. I finally found both a dining room set and a living room set that he saleman said was in stock. He set the delivery date for Sept. 25 and I paid with store credit.

Sept 25 rolled around and I was home waiting. When the deliverymen showed up (in an unmarked truck) they produced a manifest for me to sign. It did not include all of my items. The deliverymen had no clue and said that the rest is probably coming in another shipment. They started bringing stuff in and then they pointed out that the table top was damaged. They said they'd return it and have another delivered. They left and after they did, I noticed the legs to the loveseat were wobbly and that they did not leave the protection kit that came with my warranty I purchased and which was listed on the manifest I signed.

I received a call from Marlo shortly after they left to double check that the table top was damaged. I mentioned about the legs to the loveseat and the protection kit and asked when the rest of my items would come. They said everything would be taken care of.

The new table top was delivered; however, that begin a journey that involved my constantly checking my voicemail at home to see if I got a recorded message indicating the rest of my stuff would be delivered. I kept calling the customer service line and each time I was told something different as to when my stuff would come. No one could explain why my saleman had said that everything was in stock. When I asked about returning what I had, I was told twice that as long as I had not received a full set of anything (the full living room set or the full dining room set), the clock on their return policy did not start ticking. I was encouraged not to return anything and, twice they told me it would be any day.

The last straw was recently, I called again and was told my remaining items would not be in stock until December. I spoke with a supervisor and the local store manager. Both were rude and I hit the roof when they both said that the return clock starts ticking after I sign for each piece of furniture. So, I am stuck. I have a dining room table, with only two chairs, and living room set without a coffee table or end tables. They would not even guarantee I'd get the remaining items in December and they are say they will not take back what they delivered.

I had hoped by now I would have been able to truly enjoy my new home...but, sitting in the living room, using a step stool for a coffee table, I am constantly reminded of this craziness. I have sent a compliant to the better business bureau. I sent a letter last week to Marlo, copying BBB and the state customer protection division. On Monday, the customer service manager called and left a message on my voicemail indicating her receipt of my letter, saying I can call her back, but that she would try calling me again before 6pm. I called her back, got her voicemail. I left a message with my home and cellphone numbers. I called again before 6pm...again the voicemail. By 6pm, still no call back. I call twice again Tuesday and once this morning...leaving messages each time. Still no response.

I find it mind boggling that what is supposed to be a "family-owned" company has not only no customer service...but clearly operates on a business plan that is based on deception, mismanagement, and trickery.

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