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Ok I bought a armless chair for my existing sectional. I went to the store in San Antonio Texas the salesman was ok kinda rushy.... I was told the furniture piece would be delivered to my residence..and some one would call me with a time window... as of 04-06-09 no call and the furniture will be delivered 04-07-09. I had to call the store and a lady or _witch Adriana was rude told me If I could not be at home between 10am and 2 pm on 04-07-09 I could just wait until the next delivery day. I added if the furniture will be delivered why not deliver to the store since I work with one mile of the store she stated you be there or we will void your purchase... ok then refund me now she said I would have to call customer service... I called the 800# and boy!!!!rude discourteous and horrible she would not give me her name and them she hung up on me.... so I called the store in san antonio again the same _itch answered the phone again.. I asked for the manager and she refused... finally I did speak with the manager Marlo and I stated I work Im in management and can not leave on the spare of the moment... I stated no one has called me to give me a time... and my time is just important... He did agree to have the delivery person call me one hour before he arrives... the best that could be done... now i will go to work they call and have to drive 60 miles one way to meet the delivery and 60 miles back to work... the store is only one mile from my office the truck delivers in san antonio as well the same day....I still got a NO answer.... so much for customer service from rooms to go...its more like rooms to nightmare!!! I am reporting this to the Texas attorney generals office with print outs of all forums for investigation...

So we will see what is in store for me the customer tomorrow... will post results.

For all of you that read this... go somewhere else for your furniture needs. If we the public refuse to do business with these type of companies maybe we can break them and their investors... this company is no better than Bernard Madoff. They take your money and do not want to produce.

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