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I purchased a living and dining room set from Marlo furniture in Forestville, MD, I must admit the sales reps that I dealt with were professional, but everything after that goes down hill. First my delivery dates kept kept getting pushed further and further away, and when I would call and inquire about it, each time the piece that they were waiting to "come in" from the warehouse would change.

My Living room set came first, and this is were everything gets crazy, They deliver everything and at first glance, it all looks fine (aside from the fact that set of cocktail/end tables I ordered were not assembled by them even though I was told in the store they would be) but then I noticed that my sofa has a tear in the arm rest. I called customer service immediately, by this time the delivery guys had been gone about 15 minutes, I spoke with a lady who apologized for the inconvenience and then said she would contact the delivery guys so they could come right back pick up the damaged sofa and I would have my new sofa by the end of the week.

Nonetheless they never came, so I once again called customer service to let the know, this time it's man I speak to who tells me there's no such thing even noted in my account, so I once again explain everything to him and he tells me the delivery guys will call to set up the pick up in 24 hours. The next day comes and no call, I call them again to let them know no delivery has been set up and this lady begins to tell me that their system doesnt work that way and a technician would contact me in 48hours and come out and "survey" to see if it was repairable, the furniture that wasnt even in my house a good 20 minutes after I noticed the tear.

I promptly told this lady that I did not purchased refurbished furniture I purchased new furniture she then told me it was nothing she could do about it so I asked to speak to her manager, her reply was the manager was busy, I told her that I would hold until the manager was free she then told me the manager may be busy for a while and it wold be too long to hold. So I hung up with her and the next day I went to to store in Forestville.

There I spoke with the manager with whom I had to explain the whole situation all over again, which she told me she doesnt know why the first customer service person told me they would exchange the already damaged when delivered furniture for undamaged furniture thats not there policy. I told her this is unfortunate but I purchased new furniture, she then told me she would have to see if this could be overridden by someone higher than her because she (as the manager) didnt have the authority. So she comes back and tell me that she's gotten the sofa overridden and it would be here at the end of the week.

Then once I got home, My husband was putting together the cocktail and end tables (that the previous delivery guys didnt put together) and he noticed that on one of the end tables the holes that are pre-drilled into the table so the legs can be screwed to them are too small for the screws that are sent in the box.

Once again I have to justify myself with customer service. I spoke to them told the the ordeal and they made me feel as if I spoke a foreign language, I guess they figured there was no way that something could be wrong with there merchandise, so once again they feed me lies and tell me that it would be delivered the next day which coincidentally happen to be the day they would deliver my replacement sofa. The next day came and went my sofa came and no new end table, so again I'm back on the phone with Marlo customer service and yet anew story is told, now I must wait 48-72 hours for a technician to call and schedule a time to come out and survey my table. And now I still wait for the mystery technician to call.

Marlo is by far the worst furniture company ever! All they care about is getting your money, I have told everyone I know about my ordeal with them.

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I'm in the same situation since June 28, 2008 and still no resolution in sight.

Marlow Furniture of Forestville, MD, is not the same company of years ago. Their new business model relating to Customer Service appears to reflect these attitudes: "don't refund money," "we'll fix damaged items in the customer'sr home," "don't respond to the customer and maybe they'll go away," "tell the customer anything to get them off the phone," "don't give them the manager's name," don't transfer the customer to the manager," and more. I can imagine that customers that go for their financing are subjected to less service as Marlow "got them by the balls."

I think it's bad business to treat customers this way. It's also bad business to turn a customer's home into a workplace by staining, reupholstering, and/or sanding furniture in the customer's home. This is unacceptable for me as I purchased "new" furniture which should be undamaged or exchanged without conflict if it's damaged and I should not be forced to absorb fumes and debris from "new" furniture.

Even if you find the damage within the 24 hours of delivery, the attitude is the same.

There's much more I can say about Marlow's new business model. But what's important for all those looking for furniture, you'll serve yourself better by avoiding Marlow Furniture.

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