My husband and I went to marlo looking for a new couch. We found one we liked and decided to go for it.

Once we got home, we realized that it would not fit in our living room. Rather than try to finagle a way to get it into the room, we decided to cancel the order. We took our receipt and our invoice and trucked on back to the store. We headed straight backto customer service where we were ignored for several minutes.

Finally a salesman takes us to the MOD and he keeps us waiting for another 10 minutes. Whne we explained what we wanted to do, he looked up our account and told us it was already on the truck (less than 24 hrs later) and we would have to call back tomorrow. I did that and of course I couldn't reach anyone. Finally, I called customer service- he wasn't authorized to do the cancellation.

Now we are livid. Then I found out that the money had already come out of the account. I call back to the store and the store manager says that he will cancel it today and did we want a copy of the receipt? I am still waiting...Too many hoops to go through to keep my business.

CUstomer Service is definitely lacking.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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