I purchased a bedroom suite from Marlo furniture and the salesperson talked me into adding an extended warranty. She actually told me that the warranty covered replacement and repairs to the bedroom suite as long as I owned it.

Sure enough about two months after the purchase, we noticed one of the legs attached to one of the bed slats was bent. We tried to screw it back in but found the thing was stripped. They sent someone out to replace it since it was still under manufacturer's warranty.

We've had the furniture for four years and one day I got in the bed and it collapsed! We noticed that not only was that leg stripped again but the other two were as well. The collapse caused a split in the sideboard. Called to use warranty only to find that it was not lifetime but only good for five years. Warranty company demanded pictures, invoice and other paperwork only to deny the claim anyway after weeks of wrangling with them. We were lied to and could not get any assistance from sales manager at Forestville store. Not even a return phone call! I am furious at the deception and my back has been giving me a fit from sleeping on what's left of this raggedy bed!!

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