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To Whom it May Concern: 4/15/09

Customer Code:brighn102z6

My complaint concerns announced delivery dates that are misleading.

I purchased amy loveseat and sofa on 3/18/09. The purchase was made with a signed check from my bank.

I received a call from the Warehouse annoucing that my furniture world be delived Sunday 4/5/09.

I waited at home that day only to discover that this date was a mistake made by warehouse.

Was told that the correct date to be delivered to ware house was 4/11/09.

I waite and called warehouse 4/15/09 inquiring about a delivery.

Was told that that date was an error. the furniture is not scheduled to be at warehouse until 4/23/09.

I was told that there is no guarantee when furniture will come frommanufacturer to warehouse.

Question: Why is the customer told all of these dates when the date are not confirmed.

When does, the sales manager follow up on purchase orders?

If there is a delay, why is the customer not informed.

It has been nearly a month since I purchased furniture and had to make arrangements to get rid of old furnture and now left with an empy space where the new furniture should be.

At this point I am angry and disappointed. This has not been a good purchasing experience for me.

The procedures from sales, shipment and delivery should be clear. If there is a back log. It should be followed up.

So far, I have had to initiate all calls. I was never informed by Marlo's of any problem. This is not fair to your paying customers.


Norman L. Bright


Cell: 703.615.5300

Home: 703.836.2706

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Alexandria, Virginia, United States #618448

That's so true! Why can't they at least call people to let them know? ZERO customer service

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